When have you ever heard of someone from the political left raising standards?

Cutting down every tree to level the playing field is a disastrous policy that has led to a precipitous decline in scores. Education is wholly owned by the left and is failing. Equality does not begin at the door to Harvard: true reform begins by improving NH education from pre-K through high school through concrete, targeted efforts involving parents and public-private partnerships.

“None of these results are impressive.”

—Peggy Carr, National Center for
Education Statistics


Nothing happens in a vacuum.

The chaotic ascension of a frail President Joe Biden in 2020 was followed by the catastrophic and impetuous decision by faceless Biden staffers to sprint out of Afghanistan, which cost dear American lives.

Our veterans remain neglected with substandard facilities and horror stories of abuse of our elderly warriors. Representatives who believe in America are needed now to promote a strong military and support those who gave all.  


Economics is based on perceptions.


From the value of a dollar to the price of a home, human expectations and investors’ perceptions affect markets and our livelihood. A weak America retreating from the global stage means fewer markets for U.S. goods and services. Domestic strife, polarization, and a lack of confidence in duly elected leaders equal soured investor expectations and inflation.

We need low taxes to compete for foreign markets against a rising China and elected leaders who inspire the American tenacity that saw the building of mighty skyscrapers. 


  • Tax and spend resulting in runaway inflation
  • Erasing the concept of “man” and “woman”
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Weak, politicized military
  • Vapid virtue signaling
  • General malaise, ennui, introspection

Simple Values

If the woke movement could point to successes, I would support it. Instead, it has divided America—worsening race relations in the United States, inciting violence, and fomenting strife. I oppose the teaching of self-loathing to our children and university students at the expense of basic education, which has stolen the most precious gift of youth—aspiration.


But I’m not simply running against left politics, I’m running FOR something: optimism. I ask New Hampshirites to believe in the United States, hold their heads high, work hard, and have fun, enjoying the best life has to offer.




  • Families, freedom, and finances
  • Lower taxes and exploitation of U.S.—not foreign—oil.
  • Competitiveness by raising educational standards
  • Care for our veterans
  • Free trade and expansion of U.S. markets
  • Optimism